We need more baby sheep here
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We need more baby sheep here

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Loosing your mother. How unimaginable. It is one of the most tragic things that can happen in a person’s life especially when it’s much earlier than expected. A family friend lost her mother to years of cancer last night and it broke my heart. This woman was so full of joy and so loving. She used to call us all cherubs when we were little and bake beautiful food. Their house was so full of love. Such tragedies remind me not to dwell  on negativity with those you hold close. Surround yourself with the optimistic, the driven and the loving. There is never a reason to dwell on the petty because those who truly love will be there for all your joy.

I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don’t know what grey is. I never did.
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Wasn’t invited out…so you send me snachats of the entire night. Heartbreaking everytime. On another note. Had an amazing week with incredible people! Colin and Bec are incredible. I’m so happy to have finished this degree and celebrate with so many I love. Even having my brothers graduation Friday and going into town to say goodbye to Colin were incredible. I’m now knackered though. Still might go to the grand tonight. Woooooo

Don’t stress

I have a week and a half till the biggest 45 minutes of my entire degree. I’m having a panic attack and my body has started messing up and I’ve been so busy this year that I’ve fucked up my relationships with the most important people in my life because I’m always to busy. Now the one night I really need them there they won’t be. Which is understandable when I could never be there for them. Hating myself for being such a shit person at the moment. Yay for uni ruining lives.


Meet Cliff Young, a 61-year-old potato farmer from Victoria, Australia, who won the Inaugural Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon, a distance of 875 kilometres (544 miles) in 1983. Young finished the race in five days, 15 hours and four minutes, which essentially means he ran 3 full marathons (42 kilometres each) every day. He ran at a slow loping pace and trailed the leaders for most of the first day, but by running while the others slept, he took the lead the first night and maintained it for the remainder of the race, eventually winning by ten hours.

Before running the race, he told the press that he had previously run for two to three days straight rounding up sheep in gumboots. He claimed afterwards that during the race, he imagined that he was running after sheep and trying to outrun a storm. His time was almost two days faster than the previous record for any run between Sydney and Melbourne. All six competitors who finished the race broke the previous record, but were unable to match Young’s relentlessness and lack of rest. When he got the check for ten thousand dollars, he told the organizers he wasn’t actually aware there was a prize for winning. Then he said he felt bad that he should get the prize money when everyone else worked just as hard as him, so he divided the ten grand equally among all the participants in the race.

Young continued running, setting six outdoor world endurance records despite the notable handicap of being basically old as hell. At the age of 63 he ran 150 miles in a 24 hour period. In 1997 he tried to circumnavigate Australia to raise money for disadvantaged homeless orphans, but the 76 year-old had to drop out after just 6250 kilometers (3,800 miles, or roughly the distance from Key West, FL to Whistler, BC) when his only crew member (a trainer who, by the way, was making this trip in a car) passed out from illness. In 2000, at age 79, he became the oldest man to finish a six-day Ultramarathon, and he did it while he was dying of cancer. He passed away in November 2003, at the age of 81, still running his family farm. He had run over 20,000 kilometers during his racing career. It is said that never kept any of his prize money, instead donating it to charities or giving it to friends as gifts.

If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is.

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